Join our small team to help with electrification by building an impactful business. 

We envision a world in which every home is fully electrified with abundant clean energy. Our role in building that world is to make the choice to decarbonise obvious by selling products that make access to clean energy easy and improve our daily lives.

If you want to build that world with us, we would love to hear from you. 

Our initial engineering work has been part of Otherlab. We are now established as our own company working in Berkeley, CA, but some of our engineering roles are still through our partnership with Otherlab. 

Currently Available Role:

Mechanical Engineer

Technical Program Manager

Inclusivity is one of our core values, and we want to make sure we are building a company as diverse, creative, and vibrant as the communities we seek to serve. If you read these job descriptions and worry you lack the qualifications, but are excited by our mission: please apply. We’d love to learn about you and see how you might add to our team. 

Engieer working